Lola in Canada

Here is the requested update on Lola. In a sentence, “She is doing great!”

After 3 long flights (Manzanillo-Mexico City- Houston – Toronto), we arrived home and happy to meet the rest of the immediate family – Neah and Jelly.

After a couple days, Lola and Jelly had become friends (though Lola plays a bit rough sometimes).


Climbing down the stairs was an adventure (she has it down pretty well now though she still can be heard growling at the bottom if she takes it too fast – I have a cute video but just learned that I can’t post videos – you can imagine).

IMG_1508Getting used to the cold has been a process, but luckily it is warming up around here. She refused to walk on bitter days, but she loves the dog park!


She continues to be deliciously cuddly and her training is going well. She has “sit, down and stay” and usually responds to come. We start “doggie training school” in two days. The book Dog Sense that Lisa sent me has been invaluable. Neah and Lola are in love.



IMG_1549I couldn’t be happier and she seems pretty content herself! She has doubled in size since I’ve known her and I anticipate she will likely double again!

Love to all who are reading this. We hope to spend more time in Mexico (maybe as of January 2018…?) xox


One thought on “Lola in Canada

  1. Hi Dawn.  Merry Christmas.   Neah brought me enough food last evening to feed a few armies. lol.    Hope all is well with you.  We had a white Christmas with snow last evening.   Take care. Gerard


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