Jelly RIP

Our sweet cat’s life ended yesterday and we are left with wonderful memories. And some photos to share…


He came to us as a small kitten (pictured here with Mijin) and soon became Peanut’s best buddy, and of formidable girth!

Peanut and Jelly hanging out cheek to cheek…IMG_1552Jelly survived Peanut and 3 years later bravely welcomed Lola to our home.

Maybe Lola tired him out, maybe things turned after the operation to remove his big growth, or maybe it was just his time. Jelly slowed down on eating and eventually stopped eating much at all.

Our Jelly belly became very thin and weak, but until the last few days he continued to be active and maintain his unique and affectionate personality.


IMG_2183Loving Jelly Belly, you shall be missed and fondly remembered. Rest in Peace.IMG_3679