Melaque again December 2017

Happy New Year to all!

My mom has asked for an update about my return to Melaque and so has inspired this photo blog entry.

We arrived safely to Puerto Vallarta on November 30th and enjoyed an uneventful drive to Melaque.

We spent the first week at Gail’s. By the second day I had found our new home – a two bedroom bungalow (Mike to join us in February) – the second floor of this building, just a block from Gail’s place.

Enjoyed my birthday at El Farolito restaurant (Chuy and Miriam’s new adventure) with lots of good friends.

Lola has made some new friends.

And some random pictures of good times (and my place coming along).


I’m currently in Puerto Vallarta with Kevin to celebrate New Year’s at a condo on the Malecon. Could be worse!

A healthy, happy year to all!


2 thoughts on “Melaque again December 2017

  1. Hi Dawn.  Happy New Year.  My young  woman friend  came back to check out how I was doing. I wish I could say no to her.  We got together on New Yeats Eve and she had the product I needed.  I am just now finishing off what we had. All my addictions seem to be at play. Im so grateful to Neah for bringing me lots of food.   You look like you are enjoying great weather.. I -wish you nothing but blessings for 2008.  For your support I thank you whole heartedly..  You are a true friend.  Much love to you. Gerard


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