Mexico January 2018

I have promised some photos and this is a fine way to get them out (to my parents especially – cause really, who else cares that much?)

January has been full of construction in my neighbourhood, flus and colds – but not without it’s share of parties and sunny days.

Lola was a great companion through my sick times. Thanks to Kevin for walking her for me and bringing me things I needed.

A packed “Viva Maria” on a Saturday night and a great birthday party for Sandra at El Farolito

El Farolito is  doing really well with lots of business and great reviews. This is a picture of the kitchen staff that night.

The community in Pinal Via  prepared a lovely baby shower for my friend’s daughter (15). Decorations, drinks, games and food. She is expecting any day now.


Dinner with friends at El Farolito. (Gail, Louise, Ella, Colleen and me- I don’t have many pictures of me so I’m throwing this one in).

Bike-athon Fundraiser for Pro-Animal from Melaque to Barra raised lots of money for animals in the area – including my newest foster puppy, Trixie.

Introducing Trixie from Cihuatlan.

Lola has been very gentle and patient with Trixie (most of the time). Lots of sleeping going on.

One of the highlights of this month has been having Karlita and Betel for sleepovers. One night I took them out dancing with a bunch of gringo’s.  A night to remember!

The month ends with a new beginning – Mike has arrived!

Thanks for checking in. I trust February will be healthier and equally happy. xox


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